Mayor’s Blog | May 14, 2015

Mayor Steven W. Martin

Mayor Steven W. Martin

RISE Photo

(L-R) Atascadero Mayor Tom O’Malley, RISE Executive Director Jennifer Adams, Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin

It was a wonderful, sunny day last Sunday as I joined Atascadero Mayor Tom O’Malley to stage a Mother’s Day Picnic Fundraiser for the local RISE organization.¬†As a nonprofit organization that serves both victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault/abuse and their loved ones, RISE provides comprehensive programs, services and resources to the community. The day was filled with food, music and good fellowship. Many thanks to all who participated and congratulations to RISE and its supporters for all of the work they do for people in our North County Community.

Today I had the privilege of attending a meeting of the Hispanic Business Association at La Quinta hotel in Paso Robles.Berenice Diaz Ceballos, the Consul of Mexico, made a detailed presentation on the economic ties that bind Mexico and the United States. Her agency visits our area quarterly to assist with visas, passports and other services. Consul Ceballos expressed her appreciation for the Paso Robles area and its people. I was pleased to have a conversation with her about future joint projects involving the city of Paso Robles.

This will be a big weekend in Paso Robles. Of course, the annual Wine Festival will bring thousands of people to downtown Paso Robles to experience what has made our community famous world-wide. Whether or not you plan to attend the festival in the downtown city park, be sure to allow extra time to get around. In order to accommodate all those visitors some streets will be blocked and parking will be congested.

Also this weekend, Cycle de Mayo comes to Paso Robles, Atascadero and Templeton as the three communities come together with a day-long festival in the Templeton Park to focus attention of bicycling and bicycle routes in the North County. Adult rides are scheduled from Atascadero and Paso Robles. Find out all about them at Be sure to attend to enjoy music, face-painting, bike demonstrations and a scrumptious Santa Maria-style tri-tip BBQ.

We enjoyed a few cloudbursts over the last few days. Nothing terribly significant, unfortunately, but refreshing nevertheless. Heck, just seeing some grey clouds in the sky was a pleasant change of pace. As you’ve probably heard, the drought has prompted the Governor to order more stringent water conservation measures. You can find out the details at the city’s website, It’s not going to be pleasant but, until the clouds drop a lot more wet stuff on the hillsides we’re going to have to live with it. Let’s shoulder the challenge like Paso Roblans!

Until next we blog, here’s to you Paso Robles!

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