Mayor’s Blog | Jan. 30, 2017

Mayor Steve Martin

Mayor Steve Martin with his posse.

As nice as it was to get all that rain, it’s been just a nice the last couple of days to see the sun again. We’re almost at normal rainfall levels this year, which is great, but we are still under the State’s mandate to conserve water so please continue all your great efforts. The people of Paso have saved more than a billion gallons of water over the last year and a half. Lake Nacimiento is more than 80% full. That’s about 300,000 acre-feet (about 100-billion gallons). The City’s new water treatment and wastewater treatment plants are operating well and we’ve weathered the storms without major damage. Don’t put away the umbrellas just yet, there may be a few more showers on the way.
The new Airport Commission is perking. Lots of talented folks working on that committee along with equally talented folks working alongside them. Expect a lot more interest in the land around the airport. We already have the world-class equestrian center as well as the Estrella Warbirds Museum/Woodland Auto Display and the water park. A new hotel is planned for that area and our efforts to re-use the old California Youth Authority property are beginning to show promise. The Council plans to open new, parallel roadways and improve Airport Road to handle additional traffic, using the new revenues generated by these projects to pay the costs. We are also working to get CalTrans to allow for a signalized intersection at Airport Road and Highway 46. That may be a long shot. CalTrans has opposed the idea for a decade. Still, we may yet carry the day. A note to your State representatives might help loosen things up.
The City just received its annual financial audit and I’m pleased to announce that once again we have passed with flying colors. The audit indicates that citizens can rest assured that funds are received, disbursed and account for accurately and transparently.
The Building Department is preparing to initiate a new software system that will streamline the permit and inspection processes. That and other efforts proposed by the Housing Constraints and Opportunities Committee will provide increased incentive for residential development. More housing translates into more affordable alternatives for folks working in our city.
We are pushing the pedal to the metal on economic development. The City Council has voted to establish an agreement with Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce to act as the lead agency in that effort. There will be a citizens’ committee associated with that which will include representatives from Main Street, the Hispanic Business Association and the Council. It will be responsible for attracting new businesses, generating new jobs.
If you have a few minutes to listen to something new browse on over to You’ll find a link to the Mayor’s new local Internet radio station. Take a listen and tell me what you think. You can send your comments to (And, no, taxpayer dollars were NOT used to establish this station.)
Until next we blog, here’s to you Paso Robles!

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