Council focuses on goals for the next two years | March 23, 2015

Mayor Steven W. Martin

Mayor Steven W. Martin

Saturday’s goal-setting session (March 21, 2015) at City Hall went very smoothly. Ken Hampion, former city manager for San Luis Obispo, facilitated the four and a half hour session for the Council and the citizens who participated in the process. During the goals discussion I turned the control of the meeting over to Mr. Hampion so as to be able to freely join in the discussion. At every possible opportunity at encouraged Council members to be aggressive in bringing their ideas forward for consideration.

The public in attendance had abundant opportunity to participate in the process. It was great to see a full room of citizens who participated in the discussion during the goal-setting session. It was also heartening to receive other goals suggestions via email through the city’s website at  All goal suggestions were posted during the the session and each was reviewed as part of the goal-setting process. After the Saturday session I spoke with several people who attended. All were impressed and pleased with the thoughtful, inclusive and productive way the Council worked together to achieve consensus.

After discussion and public input, these are the goals set by the Council in priority order:


  • Maintain fiscal stability by living within our means, maximizing revenues, and aggressively capturing lost revenues, minimizing expenditures where possible.
  • Expand efforts to invest in city infrastructure through the strategic use of city reserves with an emphasis on streets, parks, landscaping and facilities.
  • Continue with implementation of the city’s Urban Water Management Plan including aggressively procuring and protecting water supplies.
  • Encourage the orderly development of new homes and workforce housing.
  • Move forward with the implementation of the Airport Improvement Business Plan, including stakeholders in the process.


  • Make every effort to grow existing economic elements, retain existing endangered businesses and provide opportunities for new employment and economic growth.
  • Support local management of groundwater sources.


  • Establish a volunteer coordinator and continue to promote and encourage volunteerism.

In addition to these goals, I, as Mayor, advocated for continued support for our library services and facilities as well expanded services for those of the homeless in our community who are willing and able to utilize such services. These would include an official warming facility to shield the homeless during freezing weather and encouragement for community service organizations to establish transitional homeless housing.

These goals will guide staff in project prioritization and budget preparation for the next two years. It is my expectation that this prioritization and preparation will lead quickly to the formation of action plans to accomplish our goals.

I want to thank everyone including Mr. Hampion, city staff, our citizens and my fellow Council members for making this such a positive and production process.

Until next we blog, here’s to you Paso Robles!



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